by Lindsay Allen | Project Manager: Americas story-threeIn Fangshan, China, a district outside of Beijing, World Orphans supports the Angel Training Center, a division of Living Hope International. This center is both a residential facility and school for orphans. The Angel Training Center provides orphaned children with a high standard of education, and even includes arts programs and vocational training.

Rachel is a teenage girl who has benefitted greatly from the Angel School and the ministry of Living Hope International. Read in Rachel’s own words what it means to have these opportunities…

My name is Rachel, and I am 17-years-old. First I want to thank God for bringing me to Angel School, which feels so much like home to me. I am very fortunate and blessed to be in the love and care of the school.

My parents passed away when I was only 4 years old, and this put my relatives and me in a very difficult situation. In 2005, I was brought to the big family of Bo Ai School, which was the predecessor of Angel School.

In both Bo Ai School and Angel School I received a good education. I grew healthily and happily. I feel loved and grateful. I am 17 now and in the second year of an associate degree program, studying Early Education. From May 2014, I began my internship in a kindergarten owned by China’s Department of General Staff. I am on the payroll now and am able to be independent. I no longer need the financial support of Angel School.

I want to thank you for your support over the years so I could grow and learn healthily and joyfully. I received so much love and material support from you, which I do not take for granted. The most important thing I received is getting to know our Lord Jesus. I realized Jesus is always with me, leading and helping me. Words can hardly describe such warm and special love, which comes from God.

I am also thankful for all the non-material, invisible things and blessings I received at Angel School. I have learned to be grateful, cherish what I have been given, and repay those who have helped me. I will face the future with a thankful heart. I don’t know how I can fully express my gratitude to all of you, but I will work hard to show my gratitude with my actions. My two-year internship will be completed by July 2016. After that, I will become an official employee. Thank God and thank you all for giving me a wonderful childhood full of joy. Thank you!

Headmaster Ms. Li visited me recently to see how I was doing. I felt touched by her continued love and care for me. I certainly will stay in touch with Angel School and Living Hope. I hope one day I can make contributions to Living Hope and Angel School. I deeply appreciate God, Angel School, and everyone who has ever helped and supported me. Thank you all! God bless you all!

We are so thankful for testimonies like Rachel’s. Even as a 4-year-old orphan in China, God had a plan for her life. And now as a young woman, she recognizes how the Lord has protected her and provided for her all along. In God’s sovereignty, He used World Orphans, Living Hope International, and the Angel Training Center to write Rachel’s special story. We are all a part of it and bless God!