Rescue Partner [res-kyoo] [pahrt-ner]

Verb; Pronoun

  1. a kind hearted person that actively teams with World Orphans to reach more children
  2. a vital part of ensuring continual care for orphaned or vulnerable children
  3. someone that commits to a monthly sacrifice; generally $33 per month
  4. a member of the World Orphans team that can’t be thanked enough

Whenever I hear about our work in Cambodia I am stunned.

cambodiaLife in Cambodia can be evil and cruel to children, and often the children we work with have experienced what no human ever should.

Recently I received an update from Jesse, our Country Director in Cambodia, and he shared updates of four children with whom he is working through local Cambodian churches. The report was filled with stories of abuse, neglect, and abandonment.

One of the four stories was of a little girl named Sarah. She was living in an abusive and unloving home and was sent to an orphanage because she was unwanted. A short time later her mother returned to the orphanage to take her back, but not to raise her, to sell her – sell her daughter at age three!!! 

The story didn’t end there! My heart is grateful that God worked through World Orphans, our in-country partners, and the local church, because these people worked together and Sarah was rescued. Today she has a family that has taken her in and is committed to her. It has been a tough road but Sarah is starting to do well in her new family. They are receiving counseling and guidance from trained workers and from their new church. Together they are learning about and experiencing God’s love.

Our work in Cambodia is primarily funded by the Rescue Partner program and without the faithful, loving people that have joined, little girls like Sarah might not ever know love. For the first three years of her life, Sarah knew nothing except trying to survive, fighting to be safe. But now, because of the generosity of Rescue Partners, everything has changed for her. Everything.

If you are one of the amazing people that have become a Rescue Partner, THANK YOU!

Or if you would like to know more about how you too can become a Rescue Partner – click here.

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