by John RakisSr. Director of Donor Ministry

Speaking the Truth

How many times do we bite our tongues when we know the truth is hard? It seems it is even harder if that person is a family member.

Hearing the Truth

The truth can also be hard to hear. It makes us take an honest look at ourselves. How much harder to hear those words from your own child.

This story is quite remarkable in that God used a local church to teach a child what his father needed to hear. This report recently came from one of our World Orphans church partners in Rwanda:

In my church, I have one member who would get very drunk before coming into church. His 5-year-old son came to believe in Jesus unto salvation while in Sunday School. The child likes to attend church, but he feared that his drunk father would not get into heaven. He told his father that if he does not want to be saved and goes on beating his mama and siblings because of beer, he will perish. One Sunday, the Father came to the church and asked to be prayed for; he wanted to be saved. His child has taught him about Jesus, and he remarks that his child is wiser than him. Now the man is attending the church and has stopped drinking beer and beating the family members. The family is peaceful now, and anywhere he arrives he gives testimony that he has been saved through teachings that the church gave to his child. The name of this child who has helped his father to be saved means “answer” in English. He has HIV/AIDS, and when he comes for his medicines he says, “God will heal me.”

This story speaks volumes of how God can use even a child to speak His truth, to rescue and restore His people. Please pray for this fragile family.

Thank you for your support – stories like this would not be possible if it were not for people just like you who have stepped up in support of the work God is doing through World Orphans.