by Nicole LeeperSr. Director of Communications

With the wind in his face, strapped to another man in a harness, here is our Irish friend Aaron Boyd of Bluetree on the big screen at the Big Ticket Festival as he prepares to jump out of an airplane. Not every artist floats into concert that way. Awesome.

Aaron is a cool dude, a great songwriter, an orphan advocate, and over the last year, he has become a dear friend to World Orphans. (We're a group of people who love orphans, so friendship is natural with other people who love orphans too!) After Aaron finished spiraling out of the sky, he got up on stage and led the crowd of thousands in worship through song. Then he did something else that you don't see every day: He led the crowd into a special kind of worship … Justice.

Aaron Boyd Goes to Haiti with World Orphans from World Orphans on Vimeo.

Another guy who loves orphans is Drew Spanding, the guy behind the Big Ticket Festival. When God brings together so many people to worship, big things happen! Drew envisions this kind of worship Aaron talks  about. He sees this crowd of 10,000 doing more than lifting their hands in songs of worship. He sees people doing justice, living out their worship.

Thanks to Drew, we were able to put together a huge "Experience Tent" where one by one, guests of the festival would enter this broken shamble of a place set to offer a view of life in a 3rd world country. They would touch the crooked bed frame, read the haunting statistics, and hear Aaron Boyd's voice guide them through what it's like to live in poverty. Slowly, their footsteps would follow the path leading to a room of hope. A room that paints a picture of what World Orphans is doing. A place to see the vision of caring for children physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The experience ended with an opportunity to pray. While they listened to Aaron's song, “God of This City” (that he wrote after seeing the heartbreak of child slavery in Thailand), visitors wrote prayers for specific children in our projects. Prayers like these:

IMG_7264“I pray that Medina learns about Jesus and receives Christ's salvation. I pray that she receives all that she needs to meet all her physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.”

“Please watch over Johnny. Provide him with food, shelter, and education. Keep him safe from evil. Allow him to grow up to be a healthy, happy man. In Jesus name, Amen.”

After exiting the experience tent, many people took the next step and became Rescue Partners, committing to walk hand in hand with World Orphans as we care for children around the world. This is the dream. The dream for Drew for Big Ticket. The dream for Aaron when he takes the stage. The dream for all of us at World Orphans.

People worshipping Christ.

People doing justice.

To learn more about how you can join us in doing justice, click here.