By John Rakis
Sr. Director of Donor Ministry

It has been said that the best thing you can do for yourself is to do something for someone else. I recently had the honor of speaking with Tim, one of our Rescue Partners  from Indiana. He shared with me that about 17 years ago, he lost his fiance to cancer just two months before their wedding. Then he lost his brother and father within the next year and a half.

Can you imagine the pain and sadness?

I can’t say for sure how I would handle it, but I am very thankful for the way Tim handled it. Tim decided that life needed to be lived and realized the Bible provides great direction into what living really is. Instead of feeling down, Tim started helping those who were less fortunate. He went on a mission trip, he started giving to help those in need, and he started healing.

“I like to give financially to organizations like World Orphans, because I know God wants me to bless others that have not been blessed like we are here in the US.”

Since this story began, Tim has been on over 30 mission trips, led numerous outreach projects for churches here in the States, and is also married now with two beautiful daughters. He wants his children to know the blessing of giving and helping others. Tim and his wife share with their girls the importance of outreach and helping children who have had a tough start in life. They are excited to someday take them on a trip somewhere.

Tim says that he always encourages people to get involved in international ministry “to see other cultures and people firsthand” and “by going, to be reminded how blessed we really are.”

Jesus said that it is better to give than to receive.

Thank you, Tim, for the great example of God’s grace and truth.