By Darci IrwinCommunications Specialist

Over the years, blogging has become a sensation, changing the face of communication, business, and publishing.  A report by Nielsen Social, a social analytics company, tracked the changes in the blogosphere and published that there are 181 million blogs around the world, with an increase of 36 million in only five years. My point? We all have an overabundance of blog options to read, so what is so special about the World Orphans blog?

Glad you asked! We have sought to bring great intentionality to our blog as we equip, inspire, and mobilize the church to care for orphans and vulnerable children. Our blog is an important part of our strategy; so let me give you a behind-the-scenes look at the purpose and people behind it.

A few of our objectives this year include: (1) developing our staff writing team who will write consistently and from an overarching category of their expertise, (2) encouraging reader engagement by asking more questions and inserting more photographs, (3) leading you to do something or think about something in a new way. Boiling these down, we are focused on inspiration, education, engagement, and consistency, and (4) posting weekly blogs to keep the conversation about orphan care continuously before us all.

The voices behind the blog include eight staff members with a potpourri of guest bloggers. These eight individuals represent a diverse yet unified mixture of perspectives, and they are each impassioned about different aspects of orphan care. So you may put faces with their names, let me introduce them, along with the focus are of their blogs.

BaileyBailey, Director of Mobilization, shares World Orphans trip stories, bringing the beauty and brokenness of the field to you.




Jeremy, Senior Director of Projects, responds to world news, specifically as it relates to the countries in which we serve.




Kathy, Director of Wholistic Care, shares her heart and stories of wholistic care within our projects and how those we serve are being beautifully transformed.




Kevin, Senior Director of Church Partnerships, writes about church partnership stories, encouraging and motivating us all to action.




Matthew, Projects Manager - Africa, engages the hot topics in adoption, educating and inspiring us.





Nate, Rescue Team Leader, offers his experience and motivation toward advocacy so that churches are engaged, children are restored, and communities are transformed by the Gospel.




Scott, President, provides thoughtful perspective on the big picture of World Orphans and will occasionally spotlight other ministry partnerships.




Sheri, a Director of Advocacy, expands our view and knowledge of orphan and church history, highlighting how the church has engaged orphan care for centuries, which we hope only motivates us to endure.



So be on the lookout each Friday when these incredible staff educate and inspire us to continue the mission to which we’re all called – serving orphans and vulnerable children with skill, sacrifice, and hope.

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