By Nate LivesayChurch Partnership Director


Did you know that World Orphans has partnerships available that don’t require a travel commitment or the involvement of your entire church? We have projects in Cambodia, Kenya, and Iraq that are in need of partners, and we are hoping to connect them with small groups or rescue teams.


When I returned from my Journey trip to Ethiopia in December of 2011, I felt I had to do something. I eventually joined the staff here at World Orphans, and my home church partnered with World Orphans in Haiti. But before that, I formed the Sumter Rescue Team. We are a small group – never more than a dozen members - but over the past two years, our rescue team has hosted several events and raised nearly $20,000 for World Orphans projects in Kenya, South Africa, Cambodia, and Haiti.


Last Friday night, the Sumter Rescue Team hosted our 2nd Annual Benefit Dinner and Silent Auction at Alice Drive Baptist Church in Sumter, South Carolina. Through this event, we had hoped to raise the $3,600 we needed to partner with Ratanikiri for the next year as well as to be able to contribute to World Orphans wholistic care initiatives in Haiti. On Friday night, God showed up in a big way, and we were able to raise over $8,000 (after expenses) – enough to fully fund Ratanikiri for the year and for several thousand dollars to be used in Haiti.

Our unique projects in Cambodia, Kenya, and Iraq need partners. Do you know a business or small group that might be a good fit? Do you want to do something? Recruit your friends and form your own rescue team, and watch what God can do with it!

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