By John Rakis - Sr. Director of Donor Ministry

20140309_175633546_iOS2What would you do if you had a young family and you felt God calling you to do something new? What if that call was to start a church in a place with no other Christian churches but multiple “churches” that worshipped evil spirits?

Pastor Daniel received and answered that call into a difficult, dark part of Port au Prince, Haiti. There were seven Voodoo “churches” and no hint of Christianity. It was hard. His “type” was hated. But God was doing a work in Pastor Daniel’s heart and teaching him that by serving and loving, He would shine through.

Pastor Daniel moved into the neighborhood. He made the area his hometown. He got out of the church building and served where the people were, where he was needed.

By visiting families in the neighborhood, Pastor Daniel’s desire to care for children grew. The people were starting to know and love him. Then … the earthquake happened.

Immediately, Pastor Daniel started caring for those he had grown to love. He took in children who had lost their parents. He opened his doors and his heart even more.

Shortly after the earthquake, World Orphans went to Haiti, met with several Christian churches and pastors, and started our Home Based Care Program. This program is based on a desire for children to be cared for in families, and for the local church to come alongside and help. Pastor Daniel was one of 14 pastors who joined in partnership with World Orphans. Then these churches were partnered with US churches, providing resources and support for ministry to children and families in great need.

One of those children was Wendez. Wendez lost his father before the earthquake, and then he lost his mother on that horrific day. Pastor Daniel cared for Wendez until someone in the neighborhood agreed to take him in. That family had very little income and other children they were struggling to care for. They were not Christians. After taking in Wendez, Pastor Daniel visited them often, helping with food and medical needs. He made sure the children could go to school, and he built a strong relationship with Wendez, helping him deal with his loss.

Wendez needed the hope only Jesus could provide, and he soon became a Christian. It didn’t stop there. Wendez wanted his new family to have that same hope, and he kept sharing the love he had found. God used Wendez to reach his whole family. They all came to know Christ!!

This restoration happened throughout the neighborhood, and eventually all the Voodoo “churches” closed. The people wanted to know the God who Pastor Daniel served, because they saw love. God has worked miracles in this community.

Recently, Pastor Daniel’s US church partner had to withdraw from their partnership. World Orphans is providing support through our Rescue Partner Program until a new partner can be found.

The Rescue Partner Program is designed to help reach more children by supplying resources to support new church partners until we connect them with US church. Or, in this case, to fund ministry through a change in partnership. Ongoing and interim funds are needed to enable pastors like Daniel to provide consistent care for the children in their programs.

Rescue Partners commit to helping monthly through our easy, automated giving. Rescue Partners help to see that children like Wendez will never be abandoned and alone again.

We are grateful for our Rescue Partners.

On behalf of Pastor Daniel, Wendez, and all of us at World Orphans, thank you.