Two of the most frequently asked questions we receive at World Orphans are “Where do you serve?” and “Are there any openings for partnerships?” Currently we serve in 12 countries – Haiti, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa, Iraq, India, China, and Cambodia. As for opportunities for partnership, here’s a glimpse into a few of our openings…

Ebenezer Bible Church - Temba, South Africa

Located in the midst of one of the most concentrated outbreaks of AIDS/HIV in South Africa, the church has a heart for the people living in the darkest of circumstances. Years ago, while brainstorming ways to rescue orphans and vulnerable children, the church leaders felt called to open a family-style home that serves as a transitional care house for children who are in the process of being reunited with their families.  Today, through their partnership with World Orphans, the church is providing a safe home, food, education, and godly counseling for 20 children.

Lebu Kale Heywet Church - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Planted in 2007, the church has grown to over 600 people. Through their passion to love God and serve others, the church leaders began visiting orphans and vulnerable children during the early stages of their church plant. As a result, many people in the community came to Christ, the church body was strengthened, and the local Muslim community was in awe of the church’s love for non-believers. Today, they are caring for 20 children through the World Orphans Home-Based Care model. The church oversees the wholistic care of the children by providing them with food, education, medical care, and counseling.

Iglsia Jesucristo Rey - Guatemala City, Guatemala

For a small church, they have an enormous heart for outreach. Their 50 members primarily consist of widows and orphans, yet despite dealing with difficult circumstances, they have partnered with World Orphans and AMG Guatemala to care for 20 orphans and vulnerable children through our Home-Based Care model.

Iglesia Mision Cristiana Dios Con Nosotros - Guatemala City, Guatemala

With a heart and passion to care for those in the violent “Red Zone” of Guatemala City, the church consists of 250 people devoted to helping rescue the drug and alcohol addicts and bringing peace to an area torn apart by gang violence. Their huge vision to see their community transformed and lives saved, led to their partnership with World Orphans and AMG Guatemala to care for 20 orphans and vulnerable children through our Home-Based Care model.

Iglesia Senderos de la Cruz - Guatemala City, Guatemala

Located near the “Red Zone” of Guatemala City, the church constantly faces the threats of gang violence, drug abuse, extreme poverty, and child abandonment. Nonetheless, they have been a beacon of hope for many people looking for a speck of light in the midst of seemingly unending darkness. Despite 50% of the community battling teen pregnancy, child abandonment, and addiction, the church has grown to over 300 members as they continue to care for the deepest of needs. Their vision to serve the least of these opened their hearts to partner with World Orphans and AMG Guatemala to care for 20 orphans and vulnerable children through our Home-Based Care model.

As you can see, each of these churches are on a relentless journey to care for those in need, but each of them can only be half of the partnership! The other half consists of churches across the United States, yet to step up…churches that not only have resources to share and the knowledge to train, but also have the humility to receive and the heart to learn. Please prayerfully consider talking to your church today about the opportunity to partner with World Orphans, so together we can empower the church to care for orphans – UNTIL THEY ALL HAVE HOMES!