by Scott VairPresident

World Orphans Management Team

World Orphans Management Team gathered a couple of weeks ago to look back at 2013 and plan ahead for 2014. It was a time of worship, prayer, unity, fellowship, laughter, strategy, and planning.

John Rakis, Sr. Director of Donor Ministries

It was a time of looking back at our history and passion of partnering with churches and affirming our vision to empower the church to care for orphans – until they all have homes; a time of reflecting on why we exist – because we believe what Scripture says about the church, the orphan, and the expansion of the gospel; and a time of commitment to our mission to equip, inspire and mobilize the church to care for orphans and vulnerable children. Churches engaged, children restored, communities transformed by the Gospel of Christ.

Jeremy Resmer, Sr. Director of Projects & Kathy Davis, Director of Wholistic Care

It was a time to celebrate our core values of dependence on God, passion for the local church, and commitment to partnership; a time of championing our aspirational values – those characteristics we are striving to achieve – we value relationships, humility, grace, family, the wholistic care of children and our staff, and the desire to do ministry with excellence.

Spending time in prayer

It was a time of significant prayer for our staff, our supporters, our volunteers, our international church partners, our western church partners, for the children we serve, and a time for God to shine through it all as our hope in this world.

There is much excitement at World Orphans. We are glad 2014 is here – there is much before us. As we race ahead with our vision, goals, and plans, may we do so with great love, being ever-mindful to give praise and glory to the One who loved us first.