lonely_in_familiesAs we approach Thanksgiving, it is common for us as believers to spend a significant amount of time thinking upon our many blessings, and truly they are many. Most of us can find no shortage of things to thank our Father for – not the least of which is our families.

Take a poll around Thanksgiving of things people are most thankful for, and “family” will be among the top answers you receive. For most, Thanksgiving is nearly synonymous with family, and serves as the yearly occasion to express thanks and gratitude for those closest to us.

While this holiday serves as a wonderful opportunity for us to remember and be thankful for those we hold most dear, it can also serve as a stark reminder that there are many across the globe without these same family connections. For many young girls and boys, November 28 will be just another lonely day.

Thankfully, it does not end there.

In the Psalms, we see one of the most beautiful revelations concerning the nature of our God. In Psalm 68:6, we read that He “sets the lonely in families.” What a wonderful insight into the heart of our King! He cares deeply for these little ones, and for every person dealing with feelings of loneliness and isolation.

The same Jesus who had compassion on the multitudes and welcomed the children into His arms truly cares for those who are lonely and actively watches over them. His heart is moved with love for these little ones, and in the overflow of that, He reveals Himself to be the One who loves to answer our need.

As we spend time this holiday season thinking on and thanking God for our blessings, let us remember those who do not have a family, and let us remember to pray for them.

“Father, we ask that you would comfort those today struggling with feelings of loneliness. Draw near to those without a father or mother, brothers or sisters. Be their comfort and joy. Bring peace to them and show your great love toward them. Let the church be their family and welcome them with open arms. And for those many fatherless and motherless orphans around the world, provide a place for them to call home. Do what you love to do and set the lonely in families!”

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