Safe Haven in South AfricaEbenezer Bible Church (EBC) in Temba, South Africa, has been a World Orphans partner since 2008. With a passion for reaching the lost, they are ministering to their community in many ways, concluding each year with a Celebration honoring God for what He has done. In these last months of 2013, they will be focusing on community evangelism and outreach. Their orphan care program is a significant resource to the community, as they provide both ongoing and emergency care for orphaned and at-risk children.

EBC works closely with the local Department of Social Development providing a safe place for children needing emergency care, due to removal from their homes, abandonment, or other desperate circumstances. In these crisis situations, children are taken into the program and may leave temporarily for court evaluations and decisions about parental care, and, depending on the outcomes, may or may not return. The church stands ready to step in at any point to ensure the children’s well being, and actively seeks to serve and help.

Safe Haven in South AfricaThey recently brought four new children into their program after neighbors alerted police that the children were being left alone for days without adult supervision. At one point when they had been left alone, their house caught fire; thankfully, none were injured. Because of this neglect and negligence, they were brought to the EBC center to receive care and support.

The church is ministering to these siblings and their individual needs. One of the girls suffers from mental illness, and is showing signs of improvement and responsibility. She has been helping with cooking, even at the school! Two of the boys struggle with identity and deal with confusion, having missed the experience and balance of a healthy father and mother in their home.

Safe Haven in South AfricaPart of EBC’s support system from the community recently included a day at the zoo for the children with some Pretoria University students. The children were excited and enjoyed their outing!

On Nelson Mandela Day, the Emperor's Bikers Club came to do community work in the center. This was a day full of fun and gifts shared from a group of bikers from around Pretoria.

There are great things happening at Ebenezer Bible Church! The church is surrounding these children, each with unique and difficult circumstances, and showing them the love of Christ. As they partner in their community, they are providing opportunity for others to serve and know the needs of these precious children, as well as improving their care and experience.