Our staff has been sporting new World Orphans t-shirts lately that are drawing a bit of attention, and we keep hearing the question: “Where can I get one?” At the new World Orphans web store, that’s where! And, we’re having a design competition...

You can now get a t-shirt, hoodie, wristband, necklace, Haitian coffee, bracelet made by women in Haiti to support their families, or a CamelBak water bottle from our website.

View The World Orphans Store

We’ll soon be adding more items, including golf shirts, race jerseys, hats, and more.

But, the coolest new item will be another t-shirt – this one designed by one of you, our faithful friends and supporters. Starting today through the end of September, we are holding a competition to see who can create the best new World Orphans t-shirt, and we’d like your help!

Send us your ideas, your drawings, lend us your creativity, and help us spread the word about World Orphans as we seek to rescue more children through local churches.

In addition to seeing your design on a t-shirt, the winner will receive a prize pack that includes a $100 World Orphans store credit.

* Please send your design ideas in pdf format to info@worldorphans.org.