Thailand 4The Baan Tan Pra Porn shelter (which means streams of blessing) at Prachinburi Church in Thailand is diligently working to keep children in families. They have a unique program that seeks reunification and family restoration, through the care of the church. When we first partnered with Prachinburi Church to care for children, many removed from parents’ care due to abuse, we agreed that it would be in the best interest of the children if the church continued (where possible and appropriate) to try and place each child into a home of extended family member, reconcile the child with his/her birth parents, or place a child in a foster family (especially a family from the church that is willing to care for the child).

Thailand 3Through the church’s efforts, two twin boys have already been adopted by families in the church! This has inspired other children in the home and also the church to try and reconcile the remaining eight children to their relatives. The church believes many of the families are ready for reunification.

The church has visited each family home to get more information, talk to the relatives, and arrange for a “trial period” for the children to visit and stay with their families during the school break from March to May.

So far they have reconciled six children with their birth parents, two of them within the past few weeks. Since it is only a trial period, the church has committed to make a series of visits to each family to follow-up and evaluate the possibilities for long-term reconciliation.

Baan Tan 2They still have two girls who still stay at Baan Tan Pra Porn. They’ve tried to locate the first girl’s birth parents without success, and the family of the second girl is not in a position to take care of her safely. They continue to explore long-term options for these two precious girls.

We continue to pray for the church leaders and for the children as they are adjusting back into their families...and praise the Lord for His goodness in making a way for these children to be cared for in families.