GERJI HBC TAKES OVC TO MUSEUM  20130312_07181963_0187As Gerji Kale Heywet Church in the sub city of Gerji, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, has grown, they have made new efforts to provide education and opportunity for the children in their World Orphans Home-Based Care Program. With about 500 attendees and a growth rate of about 10% each year. The church rents a residential home and has converted the outside compound into a tent church. It is quite remarkable and resourceful.

HBC Field Trip to National Museum20130327_12020646_0324As part of the church’s effort to care for the whole child, they are funding field trips for the children in their program. They took two trips to the Ethiopian National Museum in Addis Ababa. The church supported the activity by securing the transportation, chaperones, entrance fees, and lunch for all the children, as well as a few of the mothers whose children were too young to go without them.

Here’s a picture of the children during the May 2012 trip. They were very excited and learned about many different animals indigenous to Ethiopia. They saw the famous remains of world renowned ‘Lucy’ and other fossils. They saw mammals, birds, turtles, and crocodiles---all native to their homeland. They learned about trees and plants and how to care for their environment. It was a wonderful time for all who went. The church is planning to go to a different museum this year, and the children are looking forward to it!

GERJI HBC TAKES OVC TO MUSEUM 2 20130312_07185895_0188The children and their families were so touched that the church would provide such a wonderful opportunity. This type of care reinforces the Sunday messages about God’s love and care for them; how redemption and salvation are found at the cross of Jesus--the only mediator between Man and God; and of the greatest hope, of eternal love, and of complete forgiveness and grace.

One boy has been so moved by the true care and love of this local church, he is there every Sunday, and always on time. He is now helping and involved with the other children and loves to serve. He is happy. He has found God and a place where he belongs.

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