hope_and_loveIt is refreshing to be reminded of how God loves children and really takes care of them, including abandoned children like 10-month-old Chalermpol ‘Ant’ Kamson in Thailand. Once lost, now found. Once sick, now healed. Once abandoned, now he’ll soon be adopted. Ant and his twin brother, Act, were referred to our Thailand church partner by the local hospital staff. Ant was diagnosed with congenital heart disease, and had to meet regularly with a specialist in Bangkok...and the Lord has provided.

For many months, church members have helped to get him and a caretaker to the doctor in Bangkok. All the while, the church has been regularly praying for him in hopes of healing.

hope_and_love_twoGod has answered their prayers. On a recent doctor visit, they were told he would no longer need his medication. The small hole in his heart had closed naturally without surgery!

“Some might consider this a usual medical condition, but for Ant and our church, it is a miracle. God did not only fill his heart literally but also filled us with joy and gladness to know that the Lord is among us and taking care of us, including this small baby boy.”

Two families from the church (biological sisters) who live next to each other have been caring for the twins most of the time. While they both work, because they own small local businesses, their time is flexible. They have been dedicated and caring for the twins beyond expectations.

Last month, they decided to adopt the boys, and the church will be helping them with the legal process of adoption. The church asks for our prayers that the documents and legal adoption will be soon be approved.

This is a beautiful story of how, when the church opens its doors to the community, it becomes a resource, a place of help. It’s another beautiful story of God’s restoration and binding of hearts within and through His people. Another story of rescue and love. Thank you, Jesus.