by Rebecca Barlow

high_school_one Ted & Rebecca Barlow are full-time World Orphans missionaries and run our guesthouse in Port Au Prince, Haiti. Rebecca shares her story of hosting a recent team from Wheaton Academy. “They are one of our favorite teams to host, because they are HUGE and full of energy, but most of all because they are some of the most amazing teens we have ever met.”

hign_school_twoThe team of 43 arrived on Wednesday afternoon with smiles on their faces and servants’ hearts. I am always blown away by the ability and willingness of this group to so readily embrace the huge change in culture. I never hear complaints - just worship, prayer, and praise from the mouths of these students the entire week.

This year their stay seemed to fly by so fast! They had a packed week with two very big and busy medical clinics, a children’s program, art class, home visits, and helping in a local orphanage.

high_school_threeIt was one of the most tearful goodbyes I've seen, as their time here came to a close. The seniors will graduate this year and won’t be back with their classmates again. Many have worked long and hard over the past two to three years to provide necessary resources to stabilize and keep 20 children in homes after the devastating earthquake in January 2010. These children were at the highest risk for orphanage institutionalization, ending up on the streets, being sold as restaveks (child slaves), trafficked, or worse.

The students have faithfully poured their hearts into the people of Haiti, strengthening their church partner, the surrounding community, and the children's futures. We are thankful for the the legacy they hand down to the students who will follow through the years, and for the sacrifices they have made on behalf of the children in Pastor Thimote’s church and the OVC program.