Priscah's father was a police officer in Uganda, and her mother was a stay-at-home mom. Serving in the armed forces means moving around the country a lot, and it is common for men to have polygamous relationships. Of course, HIV/Aids is sadly common as well. When Priscah was still a little girl, the virus claimed both of her parents’ lives. But there is more to her story... After losing her parents, she was sent back to the village where she was raised by her paternal auntie who did everything in her power as a peasant farmer to care for her until high school. At that time, she couldn’t afford to keep Priscah in school. So, Priscah dropped out and sought work as house help in a nearby township. She found work as a babysitter, but with this came abuse from her male employer.

It was then that Priscah was brought to Fathers Divine Love Ministries (FDLM), led by Pastor David Livingstone. Pastor Livingstone is a long-standing friend and partner of World Orphans. He is a strong and effective leader, and he is very active in the community seeking intervention and advocacy against child abuse. FDLM is known as a resource and safe place for children in need of help.

Priscah was rescued, relocated to the Rapha Children’s Haven, rehabilitated, and she returned to school. Six years later, on October 26, 2012, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Project Planning from the prestigious Uganda Christian University with a second-class upper degree!

Her graduation created great excitement among the children, leaders, and caregivers of Father’s Divine Love Ministries. Priscah’s accomplishment is especially encouraging to the other girls, as they look forward to the opportunity to attend college and graduate with their own degrees. We praise God for Priscah, for her accomplishment, and for this beautiful Kingdom work being done in Uganda through Father’s Divine Love Ministries!