Journey117, a ministry of World Orphans, exists to encourage, educate,  and empower individuals to be lifelong orphan advocates in response to God's command in Isaiah 1:17 to defend the oppressed and to take up the cause of the fatherless. Here’s some news about our trips and plans for 2013. Our Journey117 program is a great platform for individuals and small groups to connect with World Orphans and discover their role in orphan advocacy. Journey117 offers 1-2 week mission opportunities throughout the year to various places around the world. The 2013 calendar was recently released and Journey trips are being offered to countries such as Ethiopia, Iraq, Haiti and India.

This is no ordinary mission trip! Beginning with a 2 month discipleship process and ending with a purposeful debriefing experience, this program is designed to equip people to take action. Team members take a closer look at the action-packed verse in Isaiah 1:17 and discover how they can obediently take part in God’s plan for the orphan, widow, and poor.

Each trip has three phases:

Phase One - Learn and Seek. Teams participate in intense discipleship, conference calls, team building, and orphan-related research leading up to the trip, studying together what God means when he says to “learn to do good and seek justice.”

Phase Two - Help. Once on the field, teams serve alongside World Orphans partner churches and encounter orphan prevention and care in action, providing a practical opportunity to “help the oppressed.”

Phase Three - Defend and Fight. Once the teams have learned, experienced, and served, they prayerfully seek what God is calling them to do. Journey117 empowers each team to pursue lifelong advocacy to “defend the cause of orphans [and] fight for the rights of widows.”

When a Journey trip is over, it’s not really’s the beginning of each person’s quest to discover how God desires to use them to positively impact orphans on a global scale.

If you feel your heart passionately beating for this cause and want to start YOUR journey to learn more about how to get involved and be a world changer, perhaps this is the starting point for you. Visit our new website at for more about our ministry, and maybe you can join us in 2013!