As we approach our 20th year of ministry, our passion for serving orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable children and their communities through the local church is as strong as ever. Fountain of Life Deliverance ministries in Nairobi, Kenya, cares for orphans and street boys in a children’s home located on church property, and their efforts are bearing much fruit. Some of their children study at a nearby private school - Baptist Primary. Recently, these boys have been reporting to school 20 minutes earlier than their peers.They arrive early so they can meet together in one of the classrooms for devotion and prayer before they go to their respective classes.

The school administration took notice of what the boys were doing and encouraged other children to come early and begin their day with devotions. Soon after, some of their friends started coming. The church was very encouraged when the head teacher called and shared this story, as this was something the boys had initiated on their own.

What a beautiful picture of the Gospel. Former orphans, brought into the loving care of the church, introduced to their Father in heaven, and then sent out to share the good news in their school. Fearless ambassadors for Christ, even in the midst of peer pressure from a culture that would have them keep their religious views to themselves. These boys are living out their faith. They are an example for us all.