Naomi was one of the thousands of children who were victims of the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010. Like so many, she lost loved ones; her sister and her father were both killed. Her mother, Philomen, was left without a job or a home, and they survived by living under a tarp on top of a neighboring roof. That’s when the church stepped in. Naomi was brought into the church’s OVC (Orphan and Vulnerable Child) Program, given food, and enrolled in school. The OVC team began to minister to them, helping them talk about their loss, find a home, and start a business – all through partnership with World Orphans and a US church partner.

Stories like this are exciting, even inspiring. And for US churches wishing to engage in partnership, programs like this are a perfect fit.

But what about you and me? How do we get involved? What if our churches don’t have an orphan care strategy? How can we help and partner in great rescue stories like this?

Become a Rescue Partner. This is an initiative for people like you and me, for people who want to individually partner with World Orphans to see children like Naomi rescued, to see children like Naomi restored, to see children like Naomi and her mother, Philomen, have a future, and to see the cycle of poverty, abuse, abandonment, and orphaning broken.

As a Rescue Partner, you help World Orphans rescue children like Naomi. You become part of the ongoing work of orphan rescue and care. Each quarter you'll receive a story of a child rescued, a life changed, a cycle broken - the stories you have helped rewrite. You'll also be given a wristband and a water bottle, which we hope will provide you with opportunity to share your heart for the orphan, your story. As a Rescue Partner, your monthly giving, your prayers, and your voice bring help and hope.

Please join us. Click here to become a Rescue Partner.