Staff Store

As a staff member, you may purchase our merchandise at cost. Interested in ordering items to give to your supporters as gifts and want to charge this to your staff support account? E-mail Ariel: ariel@worldorphans.org.


Project Request

Need something from the Communications Team? This is where you can request what you need from us, and we will keep you informed as we work to meet your needs.


Style Guide

The World Orphans Style Guide offers you clarity and governing wisdom regarding the representation of the World Orphans ministry in writing, speech, design, and all other forms of communication.

Website Edits

If you know of changes that need to be made on the website, things that need to be added, or suggestions you'd like to make, we'd love to track them here. 

Staff Newsletter Template

We've made it easy for you to create your new staff newsletter and update it each year. To open the latest template within your own MailChimp account, click below. 

Computer Form.png

Individual Staff Bio Form

Welcome to World Orphans! Let's get your name, face, and short bio online. Fill out this form, include pictures as requested, and we'll begin drafting your page for the website.  


Text Editing Request Form

Have you written something that will be representing World Orphans and need an editor to look over things for you? Fill out this form to have your editing needs met. 


Presentation Slides

Will you be presenting for the ministry of World Orphans? Here we have several slides that you may use to help you communicate clearly about the ministry of World Orphans.

eight seconds.jpg

Eight Second Pitch

Need a little help with the right wording when asked about the ministry that you work for? Here are a couple of options as you communicate about the ministry of World Orphans.