Kevin's Story

We’re pleased to introduce Kevin, World Orphans Sr. Director of Global Church Partnership. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Masters of Arts in Religious Education. Kevin served for ten years in Christian education and pastoral ministry—youth pastor, mission leader, teacher, chaplain, counselor, and coach. The highlights of his role will always be centered around the people he meets—whether it is a Haitian pastor who picked himself off a dirty floor following the earthquake so he could care for orphans in his community, or the Haitian children who greeted him by singing “Thank You for Giving to the Lord,” or the Ugandan lady who proudly invited him to her 70 sq. ft. home, or the Ethiopian street children who repeatedly knocked on the door to know if there were any more vacancies. These are his highlights, as he recalls what God is doing in the lives of people. Kevin has traveled to Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, Iraq, and Uganda with World Orphans; he has also traveled to 20 other countries outside this ministry. Family time is his number one priority outside of his ministry, and together his family travels, serves at church, plays soccer, and explores the ins and outs of Disney World. Kevin lives in Clermont, Florida with his wife and two sons.