Youwans' Story

Youwans Renois, known by most as Renois, joined the World Orphans team in 2011. Renois serves as the Haiti guesthouse manager. In this role, he coordinates the financial affairs for our work in Haiti, while organizing and managing the guesthouse and the guesthouse team. Renois likes that this role gives him the opportunity to "solve problems and ensure 'customer satisfaction' for teams. It brings [him] great joy to serve others in this way."

Renois is a man of many talents. He worked as a teacher in Jerusalem for three years, holds degrees in public relations, diagnostic firms, and administrative sciences, and has been working as a trained police officer with the National Police of Haiti since 2005. When he isn’t serving at the guesthouse or working as a police officer, Renois is enjoying music, football, reading, or quality time with his wife, Renois Louise, and daughter, Brandy Ly Renois.