Billy's Story

Meet Iraq Country Director Billy Ray. The Rays have served with World Orphans since 2007. Before joining our team, Billy worked in Turkey for six years helping with church planting efforts. Now in Iraq, the Rays have been developing The Refuge, a community center project complete with soccer field and refugee micro-camps in Kurdistan.

It is with the Kurds that the Rays have stood in the face of the threat of ISIS. They are now caring for nearly 500 refugees that fled from Shingal Mountain and the plains of Mosul, having built three small camps for them to call "home" for the time being. The Rays have most recently been focused on building a school on the unused land near the community center, where hundreds of children will now have an opportunity to learn.

With World Orphans, Billy has traveled to Egypt, Israel, Kenya, Turkey, and Uganda. In his free time he enjoys photography, playing tennis, reading (history, biographies, and classic literature), playing soccer, DIY around the house, and hiking. He currently resides in Iraq with his wife, Dawn, and their three sons, where they have been since 2008. Follow their story at