What is Economic Empowerment?


We believe that economic empowerment is building the capacity of the men and women in our programs to participate in, contribute to, and benefit from economic opportunities in ways that recognize the value of their contributions, respect their intrinsic dignity as image bearers of Christ, build stronger families, and improve the quality of life for all members of the family.


Why Economic Empowerment?


We believe that family preservation and economic empowerment are undeniably linked. The economic instability of poverty leads to unstable and disrupted families. Empowering men and women economically will create a stronger family and result in better care of and opportunities for the orphaned and vulnerable children we serve.

The bottom line is that stronger and more stable families mean stronger and more stable churches, resulting in stronger and more stable communities.


How does it work?




Areas of Focus :

  • Savings Groups
  • Microloans
  • Literacy Program and Empowerment Packs

1) Savings Groups: All of our caregivers from all seven of our churches are participating in savings groups that give them the ability to save money monthly despite their inability to access formal financial institutions as individuals.

2) Microloans: Eligible caregivers received a 500 birr (approximately $25) microloan to start or expand their businesses, and plans are underway to implement a second phase of microloans in 2017.  

3) Literacy Program & Empowerment Packs: Packs of supplies for literacy, education, basic first aid/hygiene, feminine hygiene, and nutrition are distributed at training seminars provided to the churches and families involved in our program.  



Areas of focus:  

  • Saving Groups
  • Youth Savings & Education
  • Skills training for women
  • Supporting existing AMG programs to empower women and youth

1) Savings Groups: We are in the process of hiring a Savings Group Coordinator to oversee the implementation of the Restore Savings Curriculum developed and tested by The Chalmers Center with our savings groups.  

2) Youth Savings & Education: A matched youth savings program will be launched in 2018 in conjunction with the financial literacy education that is already part of the curriculum at the AMG school in Guatemala City.

3) Skills Training for Women: In collaboration with Women’s Partnership Marketplace, we are striving to implement a year-long curriculum to train women as artisans and business owners, equipping them in multiple areas, from goal setting to the intricacies of being an entrepreneur.

4) Supporting Existing AMG Programs to Empower Women and Youth: We are investigating ways to provide support to AMG efforts to facilitate financial education, artisan and business training, and job placement for youth.