God sets the lonely in families . . .
— Psalm 68:6a

Home Based Care

Our Home Based Care Program (HBC) is a family-based program that both addresses and prevents the rise of the orphan population by caring for children in a home environment. Administered through our Church Partnership model, World Orphans partners US churches with international churches that each wholistically care for 20 orphaned and vulnerable children. These children are being raised by single mothers, extended family, neighbors, friends, or church members.

The goal of the program is to equip, inspire, and mobilize the local church to build relationships with at-risk families in their communities. Relationships grow through frequently visiting these families in their homes to offer prayer, Gospel training, counseling, and overall encouragement. To empower this wholistic approach to orphan care, World Orphans and US churches connect relationally with international churches to provide Gospel-focused training and funding.

The funding for the HBC Program ensures that these children receive food, medical care, education, counseling, and the hope of the Gospel.


HBC Team

Selected and administered by the international pastor, this ministry team consists of 4-5 local church members who have a passion to serve and wholistically care for children in need.

Planning & Budgeting

The HBC Team proposes a ministry plan and budget to World Orphans, describing how funds will be apportioned.

Child Selection Process

The HBC Team collaborates to identify 20 orphans/vulnerable children in the community who are in the greatest need. From here, they meet with the caregivers to determine if the overall family is a good fit for the program. The due diligence process includes completing a Child Intake Form, informing World Orphans about each child in the selection process, discovering the family/caregiver history, and providing reasons for program selection.

Home Visit & Child Assessments

Each family in the program receives monthly visits from the HBC Team to ensure that the children are properly cared for in the home. The visit provides encouragement, mentoring, discipleship, support, and prayer. Further assessments are made at school and at church throughout each week.

Program Accountability

With long-term care of each child as our goal, World Orphans is serious about ongoing accountability. World Orphans staff members frequently communicate with the international pastor and HBC Team to monitor and assess each child and the overall structure of the program. The international pastor is required to provide monthly financial reports on how funds were apportioned, as well as quarterly reports assessing the overall HBC Program as it relates to the impact on the church, the children, and the community.

Wholistic Care

We believe that lasting restoration can only be accomplished through the limitless power of the Gospel. At World Orphans, we are unashamedly Gospel-focused. All our efforts are rooted in the fact that we are loved by a holy God who cares about us perfectly and wholly. Our approach to orphan care seeks to reflect that.

Against the darkness of poverty, hunger, abandonment, injustice, and sin, we see the bright light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ shine, and the hope of full redemption for those who believe comes alive.

We want to see children restored to innocence, joy, and delight. As Jesus said, “the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” We want to help them recognize their value and true identity in Christ. We want them to understand that their past does not determine their future.

World Orphans takes a wholistic approach to caring for children through the church physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


Protection, shelter, food, nutrition, access to clean drinking water, and medical care


Access to and support of education and vocational training


Ongoing care through counseling and home visits


Discipleship toward a relationship with Christ, transformation, and a restored image of dignity and true identity in Jesus Christ.