Job Title: Mobilization Coordinator

Classification: Full-Time  

Reports To:  Mobilization Director (Amie Martin)

Department: Mobilization

Desired Location: Decentralized

Salary/Benefits: Support raised position, salary commensurate to level of education and experience

Start Date: 1/2/19

Summary: To uphold the World Orphans Mobilization Purpose Statement (see below). To serve World Orphans by assisting with all aspects of short-term trips sent out by World Orphans. To ensure that the Standards of Excellence (as set forth by the SOE) are met in all the short-term teams that are sent to the field.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Uphold World Orphans Mobilization Purpose Statement: World Orphans empowers teams to engage with our international church partners to learn from, encourage and equip the church to best care for orphaned and vulnerable children. Teams are mobilized in accordance with the Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Missions. Church Partnership Trips serve to strengthen church partnerships by enabling the churches to build relationships and serve together in a mutually beneficial capacity. Journey Trips encourage, educate, and empower team members to be lifelong orphan advocates and provide post-trip opportunities for individuals, teams, or churches to get involved with the ministry of World Orphans.

  • Contribute to the Mobilization Department team effort by exhibiting cooperative and effective work relationships.

  • Strive to serve internally (department and organization) and externally (teams and church partners) with excellence.

  • Contribute to a positive, productive work environment by attending all requested meetings (or notifying supervisor of absence ahead of time), being disciplined and self-motivated to complete tasks in the expected time frame, and pre-arranging time off with appropriate notice; treating all people with dignity and respect; and exhibiting good listening and comprehension skills including giving and welcoming feedback.

  • Do all work in light of upholding the Standards of Excellence in Short Term Missions: http://www.stmstandards.org/.

  • Able to communicate the World Orphans Christian ethos and demonstrate a quality of spiritual leadership that is an example to others.

  • Attend and participate in a local church body.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities : Assist with all details and logistics of planning, preparing and implementing all World Orphans Church Partnership trips, to ensure that World Orphans continues to meet the Standards of Excellence. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Maintaining trip calendar.

  • Facilitating discussions to develop and then finalize trip budgets and itineraries.

  • Working with travel agents to identify and secure trip airfare.

  • Ensuring that Asana is properly used and the information kept current to manage all trip details.

  • Ensuring all guidelines established by Standards of Excellence are followed by World Orphans staff, and helping trip leaders follow the guidelines as well.

  • Pursuing excellence in all areas of World Orphans trips: pre-trip, on-field, and post-trip.

  • Being available to team leaders/applicants/team members to answer questions.

  • Responding positively to challenges, assignments, and inter and intra departmental requests.

  • Seeing beyond own tasks to help fulfill departmental and organizational goals.

  • Follow and uphold World Orphans Short-Term Mission Guidelines.


  • Agree and live in accordance to the World Orphans Statement of Faith.

  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to understand and communicate complex principles and model strategy in a way that engages listeners.

  • Possess strong organizational and management skills with focused ability to be detail-oriented.

  • Excel in project management, time management, and task management as it relates to specific trips.

  • Maintain a fully equipped home office.

  • Proficient in online task management, including ability to navigate Google Drive, database systems, Asana, and MS Office programs.

  • Strong leadership qualities and experience in a leadership role


Please send cover letter and resume to Kate Borders, Senior Director of Mobilization (kate@worldorphans.org).