World Orphans Mobilization brings people together for action and service, locally and globally, to equip, inspire, and mobilize the church to wholistically care for orphaned and vulnerable children.


World Orphans empowers teams to engage with our international church partners to learn from, encourage, and equip the church to best care for orphaned and vulnerable children. Teams are mobilized in accordance with the Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Missions.

Church Partnership trips serve to strengthen church partnerships by enabling the churches to build relationships and serve together in a mutually beneficial capacity.

Journey Trips encourage, educate, and empower team members to be lifelong orphan advocates and provide post-trip opportunities for individuals, teams, or churches to get involved with the ministry of World Orphans.


Local Action, Global Impact

World Orphans desires for individuals, churches, or like-minded groups of people to engage in caring for orphaned and vulnerable children in their communities and around the world. Get started by raising funds through Campaigns or Hope Banks, building Family Care Kits, or volunteering locally.