Cassandre's Story

Meet Cassandre, our Haiti social worker. Cassandre grew up in the area of Delmas Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Raised in a Christian family with two brothers and four sisters, her parents were extremely supportive and worked hard to take care of their needs. They highly valued their childrens' education and believed that every human being must possess character, including: honesty, integrity, righteousness, dignity, and respect. 

After the earthquake, in order to rebuild the country physically, economically, emotionally, and socially, Cassandre wanted to see how she could help and contribute, but needed knowledge in a specific field. An opportunity arose while she was watching TV at home; she saw a commercial about scholarships for studies in Senegal and decided to apply. She was accepted and has since been part of the country's social and emotional development. Cassandre hates abuse, social injustice, marginalization, and stigmatization. Her heart beats to help those who suffer from these injustices through her passion as a social worker for World Orphans. 

She is an instructor for children and teenagers because she believes in what the Bible says about kids. In Luke 18:16-17, the Lord commands us to receive the children because his kingdom is for them. He also asks us to love one another in John 13:34-35. Cassandre has a passion for sharing the love God has given her with others, especially children. 

In her free time, Cassandre likes to read the Bible and other books to reinforce her knowledge of social work. She enjoys listening to music, talking to friends, and spending time with her family.