Thank you for hosting a Living Room Session with World Orphans! This page includes everything you need to host a meaningful and impactful evening!


Living Room Session Event

You have been willing to open up your home and invite your family and friends for a night of worship. We appreciate your willingness to partner with us and for being a voice for those that don't have one. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. 

These nights are some of our favorite because they provide an intimate setting to worship and have a conversation about what World Orphans is doing to provide hope to orphaned and vulnerable children. The "ask" is no-pressure; our heart is to simply provide an opportunity for people to get involved if the Spirit leads.



7:00 PM - Your guests start arriving. Host typically provides snacks and drinks

7:30 PM - Aaron does worship and chats through the stories behind his songs

8:15 PM - World Orphans staff member shares for about 15 minutes and answers any questions

8:30 PM - More worship from Aaron

9:00 PM - The night is wrapped up



Invitation to Share

This is a pre-created invitation to send out to your friends and family (either digital or physical mail).

Aaron Boyd Worship and Justice

Pictures of Aaron

These are pictures of Aaron to share on social media (we would suggest creating a Facebook Event and inviting your friends to attend your Living Room Session with Aaron Boyd). 


Video of Aaron

This is a video of Aaron explaining the heart of a Living Room Session (we would suggest posting this in your Facebook Event so people can hear from Aaron and familiarize themselves with his fun Irish accent). 


Reach out to Danielle Vuke at at any time for more information!