Darci's Story

Darci has served World Orphans since January 2013. Prior to World Orphans, Darci obtained a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Master of Arts in Management. For seven years, she served in various roles at two local churches (youth ministry, communications, connections), then worked at a university for six years in admissions and alumni relations as the director. With World Orphans, Darci has traveled to Haiti, and other mission work has included Mexico and Ukraine. The best part about her role is having the ability to provide voice for the children, pastors, donors, and staff. She finds it enjoyable and humbling to educate the masses on what World Orphans is doing around the globe. When she’s not working, you will find Darci enjoying her family and friends, traveling, reading, cooking, decorating, organizing, exercising, enjoying nature, gifting, hosting, celebrating, and loving everything about being a new mom. She lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has been married to the love of her life for 15 years, and is mom to a daughter, born miraculously in August 2014 after nine years of waiting.