Partnership Description

The Central Evangelical Church Monte Alto was founded 14 years ago by Pastor Hector and his family. A few years ago, the church had grown to have a membership of more than 60 people, but it suffered a sudden split and now has a membership of 30 people. This incident did not discourage Pastor Hector and his wife because they remain faithful to their calling to serve and rescue families in their community.

The church is located in zone 18 of Guatemala City. This area is called a “red zone,” where poverty, drugs, and violence are prevalent. Despite all these challenges, Pastor Hector and his wife know that God has called them to work there and serve the most needy.

It is a Pentecostal church founded on solid doctrine. One of their main focuses is evangelism. The church is currently ministering to children in the community. Every Saturday they provide lunch and then teach them about God. It is a church that believes in expanding the Kingdom of God, and they already have two small church plants as a result of their work. They currently have a plan to plant a church in a village where there is no evangelical church. They were given the opportunity to enter that community through a clothing drive where they took clothes, shoes, and food to give to the people of the village as they preached the Gospel.

Also, as part of the church’s ministry, some members go every week to the local hospital to preach the Gospel and bring hope to those who are ill. The church dreams of not only helping the community spiritually, but also giving their members tools in order to reach those in need. They want to reach their community through different strategies, including training people in marketable skills.

Home Based Care

Through the HBC program, each Guatemalan church will help meet the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of 20 families caring for orphaned and vulnerable children by:

  • Forming an HBC ministry team of 4-5 members (volunteers)

  • Assigning ministry team members to visit each family every month to provide ongoing support, encouragement, prayer and monitoring of the families

  • Providing full education scholarships to Christian schools with lunch and a snack 5 days per week.

  • Additional tutoring and counseling is available for children with special needs

  • Assisting with the physical needs of the families as appropriate, including helping with things like food baskets, clothing, and basic medical and dental care

  • Hiring social workers to train the HBC team, provide grief counseling to children and family members, and be an ongoing resource for the church


Will Perez  
US Representative

Hector Recinos Guatemalan Church Pastor


Becky Hoffman  
Church Partnership Director