Partnership Description

The church was founded in 2001 when a group of 21 people started gathering and praying together on Sunday mornings in one of their homes. In 2003, the Kale Heywet denomination officially recognized this gathering of people as one of their churches. Since then, the church has grown substantially in both membership and outreach ministries, as it now ministers to well over 400 children and adults.

The church’s exponential growth can primarily be attributed to its wholistic outreach into the community through various assistance programs and services to the underprivileged. The church provides assistance to orphans and widows through the Home Based Care Program. In addition to the ministries specifically for church members, Gerji Kale Heywet Church reaches the community through an outreach to mothers and home visits. These ministries are used to provide emergency help to the most vulnerable and to encourage members to participate in serving through their time, finances, and prayers. The church offers an enthusiastic and visionary approach to reaching people through aid without any precondition. A new partnership with a US church will further open the door wide to reach and evangelize the community.


Home Based Care

Through the Home Based Care (HBC) Program, each Ethiopian church helps meet the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of 20 families caring for orphaned and vulnerable children by:

  • Forming an HBC committee team of 4-5 members (volunteers)

  • Assigning ministry team members to visit each family every other week to provide ongoing support, encouragement, prayer, and monitoring of the families

  • Providing economic and empowerment loan opportunities to each child's caregiver

  • Additional tutoring and counseling is available for children with special needs

  • Providing monthly food baskets to families for additional nourishment and nutrition

  • Offering training in health and hygiene, business, nutrition, sexual education and more.

  • Assisting with the needs of the families as appropriate, including helping with things like school supplies, cooking supplies and utensils, clothing, shoes, etc.


Kathy Danhof  
Olivet Church Representative

Justin Kohn  
Sparta Church Representative

Mesfin & Sammy Datan Ethiopian Church Pastor