What is a Family Care Kit?

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could pack care items and know they were delivered to a church in Haiti and then distributed to a family in need? Well, you can!

A Family Care Kit is a large plastic zippered bag full of hygiene and care items, provided with instructions in French Creole to families in Haiti. 

We encourage small groups and youth groups to do this together!

How it works

  1. Use the order form below to order the amount of Family Care Kits you would like.
  2. Fill the bags with the items on the list as a friend group, team, or family. 
  3. Enclose $6 per kit to help cover shipping/program costs.
  4. Mail kits to World Orphans, 309 Jerry St., Suite 101, Castle Rock, CO 80104. 

Family care kit Order Form

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Shipping Address


After you complete the Family Care Kit Order Form, we will ship out your order shortly and be in contact to help you with any details. Please feel free to reach out to Becky Knott if you have any questions. 

Becky Knott Director of Local Mobilization becky@worldorphans.org


Has your group finished packing your Family Care Kits? They can be mailed to:

World Orphans, 309 Jerry St., Suite 101, Castle Rock, CO 80104

If you would like to make an online donation to cover the program costs, rather than mailing a check(s) at $6 per kit, you may donate here: