Thank you for your interest in creating a Facebook fundraiser for World Orphans. We are eager to help you get your fundraiser off the ground, share it with your friends, and successfully support the care of orphaned and vulnerable children!

Setting up a fundraiser on Facebook is quick and easy. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting started:

  1. Click here and select “Create a Fundraiser.”

  2. Facebook will then prompt you to choose your fundraising amount. We recommend any donation amount of your choosing, bearing in mind that Facebook will make the first $5 donation to get you started. Facebook will donate the total amount you raise to World Orphans, even if you do not raise your goal amount.

  3. Facebook will also ask you to establish a deadline for your fundraiser. We recommend two to four weeks. Be sure to announce milestones along the way (i.e. “There are only five days left to donate!”).

  4. You are halfway there! Next, it’s time to name your fundraiser. Facebook recommends naming your fundraiser “[Your Name]’s Fundraiser for World Orphans.” If you decide on a different fundraiser name, make sure your name and “World Orphans” are still in the title. This will make it easy for your friends and family to understand both who is fundraising and why you are fundraising.

  5. Next, Facebook will ask you to explain why you chose this fundraiser. You can use the suggested text that Facebook has drafted or you can share a more personal explanation. For instance, have you taken a mission trip with World Orphans? Do you care deeply about the global orphan crisis? Is your church involved in World Orphans Church Partnership? Reasons such as these may give you a more personal reason for fundraising.

  6. You’re almost done! You may choose one of the recommended photos from Facebook, such as the current World Orphans cover photo on Facebook or you can choose one of these images.

  7. Click “Create Fundraiser,” and share, share, share! Invite your friends and family to support your fundraiser, post about it on your timeline, and don’t forget to remind everyone when the giving deadline is approaching!

  8. Fill out the form below to let us know you launched a Facebook fundraiser. Please be sure to fill this out because we want to thank you for your fundraising by sending you something special!