Partnership Description

Eglise Nouvelle Jerusalem in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, has approximately 6000 members, and they hold three services every Sunday. The church also houses a school of 600 children in kindergarten through primary school (6th grade). Eglise Nouvelle Jerusalem is part of a denomination called Mission Evangelique de la Nouvelle Jerusalem d'Haiti, a denomination with 20 churches around the country. Eglise Nouvelle Jerusalem is the “mother church”, and Pastor Yvon holds the position of Surintendant (presiding elder, or Superintendent) of the denomination. The church has a heart for reaching out to children who have lost their parents/ Eglise Nouvelle Jerusalem seeks to both place these children in loving families and to empower the church congregation to serve and care for those families, as a picture of the Gospel.


HOme Based care

Through the OVC Program, each Haitian church will help meet the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of 20 families caring for orphaned and vulnerable children by:

  • Forming an OVC committee team of 4-5 members (volunteers)

  • Assigning ministry team members to visit each family every month to provide ongoing support, encouragement, prayer, and monitoring of the families

  • Providing education scholarships to Christian schools

  • Additional tutoring available for students struggling academically

  • Providing monthly food baskets to families for additional nourishment and nutrition

  • Offering health insurance to families so they can receive medical care, medication, and dental care as needed

  • Assisting with the needs of the families as appropriate, including provision of school supplies, clothing, shoes, etc.

  • Caring for families emotionally by providing counseling through our World Orphans Haiti social worker


Kathy Danhof  
Olivet Church Representative

Yvon Delissaint 

Haitian Church Pastor

Lee Weick  
Church Partnership Director