Highlight Current and Past Campaigns


Highlight Current and Past Campaigns


  • Upon learning that the Lord was blessing them with a miracle baby, the Irwins decided to celebrate by giving back.  Through their baby showers, they raised over $5,000 to provide care for children around the world.

    • 12 people. 3 miles. $2,000 raised for orphaned children. Loads of color. Tons of fun. The Color Me Cambodacious Campaigners had a blast as they raced on behalf of orphaned children in Cambodia.


    • As a personal trainer and group exercise instructor, Ryan ran a month-long fitness competition in an effort to raise funds to provide for the children cared for by a World Orphans church partner in Haiti. Everyone got in better shape and raised $1,255!


    • After hearing about World Orphans at summer camp, Callie went home with a mission.  Through bake sales and rummage sales, she raised $471 for orphaned children in Haiti.


    • On September 6, 2015, a crowd gathered for the Pugh National Dirt Bike Race.  Racers and spectators were invited to not only enjoy the festivities of the race, but also to give to World Orphans.  After a great day of racing, the results were in and $500 was raised to provide for orphaned and vulnerable children.


    • Since Bob has a heart for kids and frequently serves on medical mission trips, he decided to use his birthday to give back.  He and his wife Lynn created a World OrphanS Campaign to help provide wholistic care for orphaned and vulnerable children.  He invited his guests to give $.60, $6.00, or $60 and raised a total of $1,190.

  • CAMP KIRKWOOD K-5K (2016)

    • Decked out in their tie-dye shirts, the counselors and senior high campers of Camp Kirkwood in Ohio ran or walked to raise awareness and funds for orphaned and vulnerable children.  All week, they learned about hungering after righteousness, then took action to help those who are physically hungry.  As a result, they raised $550 for children in South Africa.


Quotes From Campaigners

Quotes From Campaigners

“The 5k was amazing, but watching high schoolers running to raise money to help feed children was life-changing.”

“The 5k was amazing, but watching high schoolers running to raise money to help feed children was life-changing.”

“Participating in this campaign opened my eyes to the needs of orphans around the world.”

“My wife and I attended the Big Ticket Festival in Gaylord, MI. We went through the World Orphans tent and felt compelled to help in some way.  When I saw the opportunity to serve by having a race, I immediately realized that my passion for having motorcycle races at our house could be used for furthering the kingdom, instead of just being a fun event. It gave me the spotlight to share with my friends about how the Lord has blessed my family and how I wanted to help in some small way make a child's life brighter and possibly show them the light of Jesus”

“I loved how the rescue team was very much a group effort. We were pushed outside our comfort zones, but we were also choosing to do this together. Many of us thought we'd never run a race and also felt uncomfortable asking others to support us, but the overall purpose of the team and the biblical call to love and serve orphans pushed us to try. And in the end, not one of us regretted making the attempt; instead, we found great joy in supporting orphans in Cambodia.”

“We enjoyed inviting friends to celebrate a milestone birthday, but also participate in supporting a World Orphans Campaign. Giving people a chance to learn more about World Orphans and to give financially added to the birthday festivities in a meaningful way!”

“Seeing our campers embrace the goal and concept of this fundraiser has blessed me deeply, and reminded me of the power and tenacity of young people working toward a shared mission.”


Campaign FAQ’s

Campaign FAQ’s

  • Do I plan my campaign alone or with a team?

    • You are welcome to do either depending on your campaign idea and personality, you may plan the campaign yourself or invite others to join you.  We encourage you to work with others since forming a team allows you to collaborate with others and to expand your sphere of influence.

  • Is there a cost to start a Campaign?

    • There is no charge to start a team.  You may choose to invest in additional resources and materials to help make your event a success.

  • What can I do for a campaign?

    • Anything!

    • We suggest the following categories for campaigns:

      • Give your birthday

      • Host a sale

      • Throw a party

      • Run a race

    • However, you can turn anything you do into a World Orphans Campaign.  We encourage you to use your gifts and interests to create a campaign that is unique to you.

  • Is there a time requirement?

    • Though there is no deadline for completing your campaign, our hope is that you complete one fundraiser within 3-6 months of signing up.

    • Some campaigners may choose to do additional events throughout the year or annually.  We welcome this ongoing support and advocacy!

  • Do you provide tax-deductible receipts for donors?

    • When someone donates online or sends a check made payable to World Orphans, they will receive a tax receipt.  This receipt will be sent to the address listed on the check or provided online.  For more specific details contact us at info@worldorphans.org or 1-888-ORPHANS.  

  • How much of the money we raise will be used for administrative expenses?

    • 87% of all donations received by World Orphans are used for program activities, while only 13% are used for fundraising, management, and general expenses.  You can be sure that vast majority of the funds your raises will go directly to providing wholistic care for children.

  • If I have more questions, whom do I contact?

    • Becky Hoffman, Local Mobilization Director, becky@worldorphans.org

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