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Ugandan Pastors Ask For Prayer In Light of Kampala Bombing

A recent terrorist attack in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, killed 76 and left the rest of the nation in fear. Two bombs exploded at a rugby club where people of all nationalities gathered to watch the World Cup and anther bomb was targeted at an Ethiopian restaurant.

The July 11 attack was traced to Somali Islamist armed group al-Shahbaab whose leader threatened additional attacks if the Ugandan government continued to supply troops to AMISOM, the African Union military force in Somalia.

"This is only the beginning," al-Shahbaab wrote in an internet statement according to a CNN article.

As an organization committed to the care of orphans, the bombing was a sobering reminder of how many children are orphaned as a result of violence acts.

But even more alarming is the fact that World Orphans has six foster homes within miles of Kampala.

The four churches in Jinja - United Community Methodist Church, Father's Divine Love Ministry, El Shadai, and Nakazigo United Methodist Church, care for 177 children. The Dove Church children's home in Wakiso Town, Uganda cares for another 12 children.

The homes’ caretakers have taken every possible precaution to ensure the safety of the children, but each requested prayer for physical safety and freedom from the fear of an uncertain future.

In a letter to a World Orphans staff member, Pastor David Livingstone Zijjan of Father’s Divine Love Ministries wrote:

“We are very shaken by this attack. Too many innocent lives have been taken prematurely and we are very angry. The nation is angry and we need the grace of God to extend love and forgiveness to the Somali people.”

“Uganda has been a warm nation towards refugees and we hope this doesn't affect that hospitality. At the moment, there is a lot of fear in the population and security has advised me to halt all mass gatherings until security is guaranteed. We therefore have put a halt on the rallies, and movie nights until we are sure. Thank you for your prayers.”

Please continue to keep the people of Uganda and these World Orphans projects in your prayers.



Wo Welcomes Sadie Family To Our Nicaragua Project

World Orphans is excited to introduce two new members to our international team, Jacques and Amanda Sadie. The Sadies, who currently live in South Africa, will start raising support to move Nicaragua as the In-Country Development Coordinators in early 2011. “For the past 7 months, Jacques and I have been praying that God would direct us where He would like us to go.  We feel as if He’s answered saying there’s a need in Nicaragua that we could help fill,” Amanda Sadie said in a letter to WO.

Amanda, who lived in Nicaragua for 19 months in 2001, said she fell in love with the country and felt an immediate burden for the thousands of orphaned children living on the streets.

And in a country where 48 percent of the population lives below the poverty line, the number of orphaned and abandoned children increases each year.

The Sadies will bring a number of invaluable skills to the WO team including Amanda’s training in social work, her experience as an elementary school teacher and Jacque’s skills as a licensed physical therapist.

“(World Orphans) has a clear vision and mission, which is based on the world-altering and unconditional love of Jesus Christ for the unloved, and that is something that I want to be a part of.  We have but one life here on earth,” Jacques wrote.

WO is currently partnered with a Nicaraguan transition home for former orphaned and abandoned children through VERBO ministries.