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First C2C Partnership Team Returns from Haiti

On June 18th, 13 members of the Titus Task from Siloam Springs, Arkansas arrived in Haiti to visit their World Orphan partner church - MEBCH. They hadn't even left the airport when they had their first opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ.

"We noticed 3 young boys approaching the bus, coming up to Lori's window. The boys with their sweet, smiling faces requested only something to eat. Though we had nothing to give them, Lori was able to share the love of our sweet Jesus who can provide for the boys in a way we could not. Lori took the hand of one of the boys through the bus window and began praying over this child. His expression of gratitude and his appreciation for her prayer was precious, despite the fact that this boy could not understand the English she was speaking," said Stacey Lampton.

The team held a medical clinic for the children and adults of the church and also had the opportunity to attend worship and a meal. What a great time of fellowship they had!

Lori Tugwell, one of the team coordinators posted this on her blog:

On Monday, we went in groups to visit the homes/tents of all the children that are supported by our partnership (OVC program – Orphans and Vulnerable Children).

The first tent and tarp home that my group visited was Lancia’s home. Lancia is a beautiful 12 year old girl with a ready smile and eyes that light up when you look into them. Her mother and father are deceased. She lives with her older brother and 6 other people in a one room with a dirt floor, tarp walls and a tin roof.

When we entered her home I noticed a twin cot, double sized cot and a table with some utensils on it. Lancia showed us where she sleeps and her backpack for school hung by her bed. I was overcome with emotion when we told her we would like to know what she prays for every day so we can know how best to pray for her.

She smiled and simply stated – “I pray for God to give me strength to go to school and church, and pray to Him every day.” Lancia has shown me what it means to be totally dependent on Jesus and to be content in any circumstance. Her spirit and smile have impacted me in a deep way. I didn’t bring Jesus to Lancia - she brought Jesus to me.

The team was also given 30 water filtration systems to hand out via the Texas Baptist Men's Association which they were able to give to members of the church.

"Our partnership with World Orphans and MEBCH Church in Port au Prince, Haiti – is everything Noel and I dreamed it would be. The unity, service, and movement of God within the church and within our team that went to Haiti was indescribable," said Lori.