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Vocational Training in Moldova Gives Girls New Hope

For young women in Moldova, the threat of human trafficking is a sobering reality. Without many options for employment, traffickers often target girls who are searching for a way out of poverty.

But World Orphans along with our Moldovan church partners are working to break this cycle.

Through transition homes for girls who have graduated from institutionalized orphanages, teenaged girls can live in a family environment where they will be safe from trafficking.

In these transition homes, the girls can also make plans for the future by pursuing higher education and vocational training.

With just sewing machines and computers, these girls can attain self-sustainability through a viable career.

To create a healthy work environment and provide necessary equipment including computers and sewing machines, World Orphans is raising additional funds for this project.


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WO Supporter Finds Creative Way to Raise Funding

For her 30th birthday, a World Orphans supporter set a life-changing goal. Instead of asking friends and family for gifts, she asked for donations to help support the World Orphans transition home for girls in Moldova. "So why is this post titled "THIRTY"? Well, I'm turning 30 this month and to celebrate I'm going to do something a little crazy in my "old age" ;) This may be a totally embarrassing flop but I'm going to do it anyway," According to her blog, burgessbasecamp.

"I am setting a goal to raise $900 for World Orphans towards vocational training supplies for girls rescued from the sex trade in Moldova. That is 30 people giving $30, and we need to do it in 30 days."

"Girls in Eastern Europe age-out of the orphanage system there on their 15th birthdays. They are set loose on the streets, with little money and no friends or family to go home to. They frequently think they are applying for a job or housing and are instead tricked into a life of slavery as a prostitute. They are trafficked all over the world as prisoners, beaten and abused with little hope of escape. They disappear into this hell and no one misses them."

"For the price of a dinner out, a pair of shoes or jeans, a family trip to the movies-- give these girls a chance to have their dignity back."

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