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Meet The Team - Kathy Davis

Name and position with World Orphans.

Kathy Davis – Director of Holistic Care

What attracted you to your current position?

The opportunity to be specifically involved with seeing the church equipped and encouraged to ‘holistically care’ (spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally) for orphaned and vulnerable children.

Where do you live and who do you live with?

I live in Maryville, TN and I live with my husband of 25 years and 2 of my 3 daughters. (Husband: Keith – Daughters: Amanda, Anna, Amy – the ‘A team’)

If you could give your 18-year old self one piece of advice what would it be?

Don’t take yourself too seriously but be serious about knowing Jesus and making Jesus known. There is hope in no one else!

List three unique experiences in your life.

1. I’m from TN, my husband is from Alaska – we met in TX and married there!

2. I have run a full marathon and several half marathons. Nope, didn’t enjoy the running part so much - but loved the finish!

3. I would love to say I’ve jumped off cliffs, skydived, bungee jumped, scaled the tallest mountain…but I hate heights.

Other than the Bible [duh] what is the best thing you have read in the last year.

by Tim Keller

One thing you always have on your person is...?

Lip-stuff! (lipstick, lip gloss, blistex, carmex, etc.)

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Love where I live – Maryville, TN.

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"Meet the Team" is a weekly blog series showcasing the people who make up the World Orphans team. Every Thursday morning, grab a cup of coffee and meet another team member who is using their unique talents and gifts to care for orphans and strengthen churches in the U.S. and abroad.