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Spend Time With Friends, Change a Child's Life Through a Home for the Holidays Party

This year, you along with your closest friends can make an orphaned child's holiday wish come true. By hosting a "Home for the Holidays" party, you can celebrate with friends, discuss the orphan crisis and directly impact a child's life Every year, millions of children around the world share a single holiday wish. Instead of hoping for the latest toy or most popular game, these children long for something deeper, a home.

That is the focus of World Orphans and our church partners around the globe. Through the Continuum of Care model, the indigenous church is able to provide small family-style homes to hundreds of orphans in China, South Africa, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya and around the world.

We are grateful for your part in helping these children's dreams become reality.

We also know that there are thousands of people who are simply unaware of the global orphan crisis and do not know how they can help.

This holiday season World Orphans is launching "Home for the Holidays" - a fun and easy way to host a party with friends, family, co-workers,  and neighbors where you can share your passion for helping orphans.

We'll supply you with printed invitations, a Party Planning Guide and we'll even arrange to have one of our advocates come and speak at your gathering. Your Home for the Holidays party can be a simple dessert night or themed night centering on a specific country.

By hosting a Home For the Holidays party, you can help meet the needs of children around the world and give them the greatest gift, a home for the holidays.