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A Need in Haiti, Guest House Lacks Generator

I've been to Haiti 6 times since February. We've started a new program at 10 churches caring for 200 orphans through a home based care program. We've partnered those churches in Haiti with churches here in the U.S. to provide the funding, and to go and serve. It became apparent to me along the way that we needed to open a guesthouse so the teams from the U.S. would have a consistent place to stay. Lodging is a bit tricky. So I rented a house, bought some furniture, hired some staff, and presto – you got your guest house.

Now we've found a couple that will raise support to move to Haiti to serve as the guesthouse managers, which will be a huge relief. In the meantime, I manage it from afar.

The power is inconsistent at best. During my last visit it was hot, very hot – and humid, very humid. The guesthouse doesn't have A/C, it has oscillating fans. Unfortunately they don't work so well when the power goes out.

So…we need to buy a generator, and we need some help. We've found a donor that will pay for half so we need to raise the other half - about $1300.