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WO Church Partner Takes Support A Step Further

After sending a group to a WO home in Kenya, River Oaks Community Church in Maryville, Tenn. is taking their support a step further. Since their partnership with Fountain of Hope church in Nairobi, Kenya is relatively new, the church is hosting an entire evening dedicated to educating the congregation about the partnership and raising funds to support the project.

"Join us in hearing about our new partnership/relationship with Fountain of Hope in Nairobi, Kenya this Sunday night. It's going to be a sweet time in the Lord! 'Disciple making is not about a program or an event but about a relationship'-Radical-David Platt," wrote Kathy Davis, River Oaks member and WO staffer.

The evening will have a coffee-house feel and will include interactive exhibits about slum-life in Africa and stories about the summer trip to Kenya.

"Team 1:27 of River Oaks invites you to A Night of Hope. Join us as we see & hear amazing stories of 16 kids in Kenya. Enjoy coffee & dessert with us & be given the opportunity to share hope & love. Dessert & coffee served at 5:30pm with the time of sharing at 6:00pm," according to a public facebook invite.

A Night of Hope

Time: 5:30 p.m.

Location: 1220 Brown School Rd, Maryville, TN


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Kenya Children's Home Gives Emma New Life

On a recent World Orphans trip to Kenya, one of our new staff members, Kathy Davis, met 10-year-old Emma. Emma seemed like an ordinary outgoing child who loved to laugh, play and make new friends. She was a natural leader and inspired confidence in the 11 other girls at the Fountain of Hope girls' home.

But Emma's childhood was anything but ordinary. Growing up in the slums of Kicheko, next to Fountain of Hope, she was accustomed to going days without meals when her mother spent the last of the family's money on alcohol.

Her father abandoned the family when Emma was young, leaving her to care for her younger brother who had a leg impediment.

In a world that felt hopeless, Emma and her brother struggled to survive until Emma found the courage to ask for help and began going to the Saturday feeding program at Fountain of Hope Church.

One Sunday she decided to attend a service.

After the sermon, Emma tiptoed to the front and asked the pastor, Bishop Julius, to pray that her brother would be healed. Nothing happened. Though other children might have felt discouraged, Emma was determined.

For six weeks, she and her brother faithfully attended the service and walked to the front for prayer. Finally, on the seventh week, God gave Emma a miracle. Her brother was healed.

Shortly after, the girls home opened at Fountain of Hope and Emma was one of its first residents.

Through counseling and the love of a house parents Antony and Doreen, Emma has learned how to be a child again.

She still helps to care for her brother and continues to believe God can spiritually heal her mother.

Through the church-to-church partnership of River Oaks Community Church in Maryville, Tenn., the Fountain of Hope girls' home is a thriving ministry that cares for orphans like Emma - physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

How You Can Help

Bishop Julius and his wife, Phides, want to extend their reach into the community by starting a home-based care program that would reach out to at-risk families and help prevent the orphaning and abandonment of more children like Emma.

To do so, World Orphans is looking for a church or group of individuals who are willing to commit to providing monthly financial support of $500-1000. For more information on how you can partner in this way, contact Alan Hunt (