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Becky_2_SistersIt is with exceeding joy that we introduce to you a new teammate, Becky Hoffman. We met Becky when she traveled overseas with us to India on a Journey Trip in 2013. As our new Director of Rescue Teams, Becky will spend her days recruiting and equipping teams of people who will raise awareness and funds for World Orphans. You’re invited to get to know this incredible woman with whom we are honored to serve.

WO: How long have you worked for World Orphans?

BH: Since February 2, 2015.

WO: What are some of the highlights of your role?

BH: The major highlight is recruiting and equipping teams of people who will raise awareness and funds for World Orphans. I believe Rescue Teams will create a ripple effect by getting more people involved in advocating for orphans. It is exciting to empower people to do something they enjoy for a purpose. There is a lot of creativity involved in Rescue Teams.

WO: What was your previous work experience and/or education background?

BH: I have worked and volunteered with and on behalf of children my entire life. I attended Liberty University and received a degree in Integrated Studies in Elementary Education. Before joining the World Orphans staff, I was a first grade teacher for three years.

WO: What would others find surprising about your role?

BH: People are often surprised that the teams I recruit and lead do not travel overseas. Many people initially think that I will be leading short term mission trips. In reality, Rescue Teams are based in the US with the goal of raising awareness and funds for World Orphans and the children in our care. They are an opportunity for people to make a difference while in their own communities.

WO: What countries have you traveled to with World Orphans?

BH: I have traveled with World Orphans to India twice. Apart from World Orphans, I have traveled to the Dominican Republic, Canada, Mexico, and many countries in Western Europe. I love to travel and hope to go to more places with World Orphans soon.

WO: Tell us about your family.

BH: My family consists of my father, mother, older sister, brother-in-law, and younger brother. We are spread across three different states, so I do not get to see them as much as I would like. However, I have great friends and church community around me in New Jersey.

WO: What are some of your favorite hobbies?

BH: I love to bake and am getting better at cooking. Vegan food has become a favorite lately even though I am not vegan. I also enjoy working out, especially lifting weights.

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Welcome Becky with us! Share some encouraging words or a prayer below to bless her as she begins her work as Director of Rescue Teams. 

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