By Kate Borders | Senior Director Mobilization

Recently 11 World Orphans staff attended the Christian Alliance for Orphans, Summit IX.It was exciting to hear about what God is doing through His people around the world to care for orphaned and vulnerable children.

One of our big takeaways from the conference is that there are many different types of ministry, many different ways to go about caring for children, and there is not just one right way.

As a ministry, God has called World Orphans to partner with local churches to care for children, so our joyful responsibility is to be passionately committed to church-based ministry and care.

That being said, we consider it a privilege to work with others in orphan ministry to participate in discussion and writing about excellence in orphan care.We are all passionate about the Gospel and agree that God’s heart is for children to receive excellent love and care, so we’re going to work together to define what it means to excellently care for orphaned children across different ministries.

We are honored to partner with Phil Darke of Providence World Ministries by contributing a chapter to a book project that will discuss excellence in orphan care. For updates on the book project like these: "In pursuit of orphan excellence" and "In pursuit of orphan excellence-Part 2", keep an eye on the Providence Blog.

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