By John Rakis | Director of Development

I find it fascinating how a seemingly “little” comment could have such a big effect on me.

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Image 1

I was in Haiti recently with some of our World Orphans team meeting with our pastors in that country. I learned a lot about how God is using World Orphans to reach and care for children. We spoke with the pastors about how they are helping orphans and vulnerable children to have families and to live in homes that care for them. The focus of the discussion was making sure the kids and families were being cared for mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I gained a lot of head knowledge. 

BUT…maybe the biggest impact moment came unexpectedly. One of the afternoons we had a chance to spend time with a couple of gentlemen from a church in Michigan that were down to visit their church partner. They were working on plans for a trip in July.
A part of one of the conversations was about praying for our children and how often that happens. AND THEN, one of them men said that it really hit him on a trip to Haiti when his church partner pastor said that these kids don’t have anyone praying for them; that these kids needed a family so that someone would pray for them. 

I can’t get this out of my head. I pray for so many people by name—especially my family, my kids. I ask so many things of God for them and on their behalf. But, these kids who have become orphans, have no one praying for them by name.
Their parents are gone for whatever reason, they are hurt, they have emotional issues and need help, and yet no one prays specifically for them.

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Image 2

I am so thankful and humbled by families who have brought one of these children into their homes, their families. Some are in their own communities in homes that World Orphans partner churches have helped find and some end up being adopted by loving families in other parts of the world.

What could be more loving and beautiful than having someone pray for you by name? Someone who daily thanks God for you and asks for His blessings on your life. 
I am so blessed to be part of what God is doing through World Orphans, and I am so blessed to know so many families who were willing to listen to what God put on their hearts and have adopted a child in need.