By Bailey Kalvelage | Director of mobilization

Too busy. Those are words we’ve all echoed at least once before in our life. Whether it’s too busy to workout or too busy to cook supper, I find myself feeling “too busy” quite often. My husband, Mathew, and I are currently in the midst of a move. We packed the UHAUL and have just arrived three states away to our new home in Michigan. Between the goodbyes, the last time hangouts, the packing, organizing and cleaning, I’ve felt like there’s not much time to even breathe. I’ve been thinking, “If we could just get there, THEN I’ll have time to __________”

However, on our long drive to our far-away new home, my mind has started to wonder if when we enter Michigan and settle in, will I still be too busy?

In the chaos of moving, I wanted to shrug off conversations with people who were taking me away from of my to do list, and the AWANA kids seemed extra rambunctious and intolerable in light of all that was on my mind.

However, the picture that continues to pop into my mind in the midst of my busyness is Jesus: pressed in by a crowd, answering questions, teaching, traveling, training His disciples and quite frankly, busy. In the midst of this, though, as parents brought their children to be blessed by Him, what did He do? He didn’t check the sun and say, “Sorry, no can do kiddos, I’m late for my next healing.” No, Jesus stopped, scooped them into his arms, and blessed them. (Mark 10:13-16)

Are you too busy? Do your actions communicate that task is more important than relationship?

Have you asked someone lately how they’re doing and stopped long enough to care about the answer? Have you ever stopped to meet your neighbor? Have you ever stopped to consider the orphan and how deeply God cherishes these children?

I challenge myself and invite you to join me: live in a way that values people over tasks, relationships over productivity. I have a feeling that as we look outside of our “me” bubble, we might just see needs that we are capable of meeting.

Whether it’s giving of yourself to serve the orphan or simply saying hello to your neighbor, STOP today and bless.