By Phyllis Labranche | Ethiopia Project Director

Driving along the streets of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, one can see many amazing things.  This image of a group of strangers pushing a bus was one that resonated within me. There are lessons to be learned as I ponder this image. Two in particular; bigger is not better, and together people can do much.

There are many mission organizations that do many good things. Some of them are humungous and well known. Sometimes, I am tempted to think, “if only we were bigger we could do more, be more, give more.” I think it is a common temptation. However, when you see a disabled bus in the road, blocking traffic with no tow service on the way, size becomes a serious problem. Organizationally, being big has its disadvantages too. Challenges are multiplied. Bigger is not always better.

World Orphans is relatively small in the world of non-government organizations. We have about 30 staff and four missionary families around the world. The greatest advantage to our size is that we can maneuver quickly—change can be made while we’re in motion. Make no mistake; this advantage is huge in our rapidly changing world. Adaptability is rooted into the ethos of World Orphans. And it is very good. We are organic and we are growing.

As for the people coming on board with World Orphans, they are incredible. They are sold out and radical for doing great things for God—able and willing to change and be changed to do the good work of empowering the church, rescuing orphans, and restoring families. By joining forces, individuals become a team. Humanly speaking, teams do astonishing things—so much so that many of us spend a great deal of time watching them. But when God infuses a team with the power of the Holy Spirit, then that team actually transcends human capacity, and all they do becomes eternal. BAM! Joining forces, be it on staff with World Orphans, financially as a Rescue Partner, or by participating in a Church-to-Church partnership will make an eternal difference! Together, we can do much.

World Orphans is a team of world changers. And we ARE changing the world—one child, one church, one community at a time!